Theoretical + Experiential Contexts

Systemic counselling is not a model made by one person who's ideas are followed as a limited system to instruct or teach others.  Systemic counselling is a multi-partial fluid approach of many systems that, in turn, look at the multiple aspect of a system and how these effect each other, what informs responses, and what these together co-create.


I believe if people lose felt-sight of their innate nature to a bind of logic it brings suffering and frustrations.  Contrastingly, becoming intimate with this nature dissolves suffering and generates understanding, compassion and calm.   


I have dedicated a passionate approach to humanistic counselling, in todays post-modern culture this is called systemic.  This means my counselling skills are not limited by traditional approaches and subsequently cannot be demonstrated by a list of academic qualifications.  Both personal, professional, along with the scientific trainings together with experiential practice methods, that have been participated, are collective parts of what inform and assist the nature of my counselling.  I believe, what I do as a counselling professional along with how my being influences the use of innate presence within the relation resonates a mindfulness based position that:

"The system is more than the sum of its parts",   


"the whole-system is evaluated in relation to the parts that construct or inform it".


The contexts I have trained with allows me to work relationally with a wide range of traditional and post modern ideas and methods.  My general systemic approach takes into account the impacts of cultural, social, relational, and importantly the multiplicity of personal contexts - it can also transcend the treatment of problems in a person-centred dialogical context. 

I will also accept you as an individual with unique qualities and social influences, these can be explored, identified, enhanced, reduced, or unburdened.  

During the counselling relationship the counsellor follows the client. This means the client makes the choice of both the pace and depth of their own healing process. The client is given control but the counsellor also shares his tools, vehicles and maps. The counsellor also encourages towards innate experience and human qualities to elicit wholesome, safe, autonomous healing - the emerging of the actual you.  

Additionally, I offer the expertise of experiential practice methods and techniques that in most cases are effective with calming and assisting the counselling process.  This enables movement towards enlivening the reach of therapeutic potentials, and solutions. 


Training & qualifications

--Internal Family Systems - IFS Therapy / Practitioner.  Trained with the founder Dr Richard Schwartz, along with: Paul Ginter, Chris Burris, Cece Sykes - Mastering the Skills of IFS (levels 1,2, & 3).  IFS Therapy, is also known as 'Inner Systems', 'Internal Communications', or "Parts Work", it's the new wave of very effective non-pathologizing Systemic Therapy.  IFS Therapy is an experiential practice that also compliments and resonates with the Mindfulness movement, Jungian psychotherapy, Schema Therapy, and Depth Psychology.  IFS looks at the multiplicity of the psyche, this makes IFS a very effective evidence and practice based 4th Wave approach, it's at the forefront of psychotherapy - for individuals, couples and relational dispute / conflict / traumatic experiences

--Intimacy From the Inside Out (IFIO) Couples Therapy.  I am very lucky to be part of this amazing cutting-edge and fresh systemic approach to relationship / couples counselling, now arriving to the UK.  IFIO integrates the traditional Imago therapy with systemic thinking (non-pathologising IFS), to generate a safe way for  relational enhancements. i.e. providing a different way to have difficult conversations - this is called "Courageous Communication". I've trained with Michelle Bograd, Kate Lingren, and Toni Herbine-Blank.   

--Systemic Practice for working with couples and the family system (Post Graduate; BACP Accredited).

--Systemic Counselling / Practices; Honoured Batchelor of Science (BSc Hons; BACP Accredited), integrating Mindfulness and Existentialist ideas with Systemic Thinking / Ideas and Appreciative Inquiry (The home of the very effective Solution Focused constructivist approaches towards therapy). This training included a module on working with children and young people.   

--Critical Inner Voice & Intrusive Thoughts CPD Workshop (An IFS influenced therapy).

--Cognitive Behavioural Therapies (CBT), studied with a focus on 3rd Wave Trauma therapies (TFCBT).

--Trauma Therapy 'Rewind' Practitioner, (trained directly with Dr Muss 2015). An effective way to rebalance the impacting charges that are held inside the body post traumatic experiences.

--Diploma: Systemic Counselling, (Solution Focused, constructivist, Modern strategic and Post-modern non-pathologising theories; where I was able to locate and integrate the paradigm shift of IFS theories and practices).

--Diploma: Psychotherapeutic Counselling, (Solution Focused, Humanistic, and traditional Cognitive Behavioural Therapies).

--Integrative studies: Three Routes of Counselling (Traditional: Humanistic, Psychodynamic and Rational Emotive Cognitive Behavioural Therapies). 'I believe This was a very intensive and rich course but limited by traditional methodology'.

--Metacognition: Embedding the Self in Culture: Brain plasticity and how to achieve it for self-development at the Neuroscience and Mental Health Research Institute.

--Vipassana x30 (Mindfulness stress reduction and coping techniques): Experiential acceptance and commitment training and consultation. This involves intensive practice with the therapeutic use of "metta balm" and compassion focused strategies (useful for therapeutic work with craving / compulsion, depression, anxiety and trauma).

--EMDR.CPD Workshop for stress reduction by using left and right consciousness'.

--EFT. CPD Workshop for stress reduction by using meridian points, pressure and the energies contained inside the body.

--Relationship Rescue. CPD Workshop delivered ideas and technique for couples counselling.

--Conflict Resolution (Mediation / Coaching). Basic training for private and social practice.

--Embodied Privilege / Implicit Bias. CPD Workshops exploring inherited meaning and actions that become embodied within bone and mental structures - using yoga and experiential practices.  

--ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Trained) Suicide Prevention trained + updated.

--Also, Fundamental counselling concepts and skills trainings, Client Protection trainings (adult / children).   

CPD = Continuing Professional Development.


The reasons I have chosen to qualify with this particular bunch of trainings is because I am deeply passionate about being able to work effectively with both the inner and outer worlds of living.  Sometimes its about what happens between people, other times its about what happens inside and also a mix of both of these. This all assists towards a systemic balance of being, in a natural humanistic way.