One generalized view of process:


I listen and co attend with you to what is both said and unsaid, felt and unfelt - from an observational position.  A position outside of the usual system of relationships where clients can discover, speak and process their experiences with Self awareness,  clarify understandings, find insight, generate new-perspectives and enrich preferred embodiments.  A place where there is a freedom to see more about "theirselves", reflect and make their own felt-choices about the relationships within themselves, with others or something about their life.

Another view of process I ascribe to.

Generally a tradition counsellors hold is that they are experts on "process", or at least it is often taught that way.   Although I know and value these scientific views, my aim is to hold these directors in a manner that enables both myself and client/s to move freely in the relationship, to assist eliciting:

'The clients own therapeutic process'. 

This means my professional position is that I do not aim to be an expert on any clients natural process or rigidly-follow a set / fixed counselling / therapy process as absolute, my intentionality, then,  allows for the clients authentic / organic developments.  It can be very useful to apply science with and for clients rather than, as traditionally, applying clients to the science.  I believe, this to be an important and crucial difference within the use of the  approaches I offer, with a systems-centred-relational way. 

The First Session

Typically the first session is to establish the relationship parameters, what maybe required from counselling / therapy, and how we may or may not go about starting to achieve this (15 -30 mins +)

It is usual to make a therapeutic start in the first session, continually re-negotiating requirements as the process unfolds...  Otherwise, it is not unusual to not-know what you want or need from counselling and this may become a focal point of the conversation, to make a start...   

Sessions are typically 1 full hour in duration, however, it may become apparent that extended session may be more beneficial.

Extended sessions can be used for:

  • Focused intervention.

  • Embodiment of calm. 

  • Recent trauma event re-construction,

  • Couples / Relationship workshops (repair / maintenance),

  • Top-up workshop (maintenance).

Session frequency is agreed according to needs and circumstances, but usually works best if attending regularly (usually weekly).

 Please email via the Counselling Directory link (below), for professional fees. 


Consideration to those with Low Income - Please ask if this is the case and there is difficulties meeting the fees.  

Donations are also accepted from those who can afford it and are willing to support the service of cultural well-being i.e. those struggling financially e.g. due to systemic suppression.  

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