A Unique Practice

Martin has put together a unique practice from a blend of ideas he calls Non-Voyeuristic Emotional Balance Therapy (NVEBT). This  is something he would argue to be another forte he offers in his skills treasure chest of therapeutic practices. 

NVEBT is a unique development of tried and tested methods that have formed as part and parcel of working with these ideas. Martin has deeply thought about, tested, and experienced these ideas, within intensifying meditations and focused conditions... 


NVEBT has since helped many clients balance their feelings, cope better, and realise experiences in a helpful way. This is done by following a guided procedure. This allows clients to keep themselves to  themselves, without discussion about their individual problems. Any emerging experiences can also remain unsaid during the procedure to maintain a balanced uninterrupted focus. 


NVEBT, then, also helps free-up the system for discussions - when and if the client is willing and ready to do so.


NVEBT is a part of Martin's over all practice and can act as a focused sub-narrative (multi-tool). NVEBT can be useful within his practice that, in the main, firmly leans towards the humanist-existential edges of the "Systemic" approach.

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