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How come many saintly people have said words similar to these?

"Peace exists within you even when other aspects about you cloud it"

In a nutshell:

Do you simply desire to make improvements with your emotional health or sense of well-being as an individual quest or as a couple in relationship?  Otherwise, something may have happened a long time ago that has caught-up, something/s have built-up, or something may have occurred recently?  Maybe, somehow finding something/s too difficult, troubling, or distressing, e.g.  crippling Anxiety, Depression, Conflict, Bereavement, Pain or feeling overwhelmed post Trauma? 


Sometimes we have to acknowledge that our bodies contain and sense powerful forces within and around us - these effect what we do and how we think and communicate inside, with ourselves or externally with other people. This may mean how we position our selves and or how we've been positioned in social discourse.  All to often people continue onwards believing 'it is the way it is' as though nothing will help free towards their natural callings, then the sense of connection can become a loss and frustration  - a burdening

Futurists have long predicted that this human loss, frustration to be a cultural issue, giving a sense of pandemic crisis, and generating a need for skilled intervention.  Indeed, it can be said: "We alone are not enough and that is normal in todays culture!"    

People have studied for thousands of years to pass-on the wisdom learned from the people who came before them, together with what is currently available. I offer an opportunity to engage technologies in this respect and with someone who has long dedicated their work towards it.


Considering America where therapy is more accepted it takes people with relational difficulties about 6 years to ask for the assistance that is available.  My experience shows me that people suffer needlessly, trapped within this disbelieve, when actually counselling can be of real benefit to re-find a sense of well-being. ( My Services)

Please note: Transforming stresses into well-being, peace of mind, and newfound meaning, the psychotherapies are becoming more and more accepted to effect physical health in profound ways...  I feel very fortunate and privileged to personally assist and witness both the difficulties people face and the beneficial results counselling approaches can provide for individuals and couples. 

Example: After a recent study Dr Richard C Schwartz pointed out that engaging and experiencing with an IFS Practitioner can dissolve arthritic progression, yes that's right, significantly reduce the affect!  He says words similar to: "the parts of us creating it stop pushing the buttons". The healing effects that come about with inner systems work with many psychological stresses - it is a wide-scoped practice.   

The only way to discover how counselling can help is by engaging and experiencing the therapeutic process.  You do not need to go through a GP / Dr or need a diagnosis to enable you to attend the benefits of these counselling / therapy practices.  My focus orientates with possibilities rather than limiting human resources to pre-set manualized systems.


I offer down to earth, facilitative, safe, and accepting places for my clients to confidentially explore the concerns that may bring people to search for a useful counselling relationship. 


I have experience counselling a broad scope of presenting issues, with a keen interest in working with traumatic experience/s that impact relational systems.  I engage these in Private Practice with various streams of referral, in confidence.    I am used to working with personal  distress', stress, aspects of the difficulties that may impact directly on to your life or via others about you. I have practiced mindful approaches since the 1980's and deliver this insight with sytemic practice and Solution Focused Depth Therapy, I also call Minful Dialogism - a synthesis of breath and partswork sytemic process. 

The approaches I employ become effective largely because I help my clients create relational balance with the multiple aspects that inform their life, this also works by helping clients engage their existential innate qualities - wisdom unique and natural.  Engaging the qualities of mind and body with ways that are tailored for their organic person -  clients make their own discoveries within a safe collaborative context.     


Prejudice as a counsellor:

I believe the counselling theories, trainings, practices, skills, choices, with the connection and use of innate underlying natural qualities, together with the clients personal resources, ideas, feelings, wisdom, and experiences that arrive into the frames of discussion, overall experience via the contextual process are all, indeed, valuable "Viewsaboutlife", that can be utilized for transformative and beneficial healing... 

I am privileged to be invited to work with adults who contact me after making it their own decision to willingly enter a counselling relationship, as useful to themselves, for the purpose of their well-being, (this includes couples).